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Tyre Pressure warnings this time of year

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Tyre Pressure warnings this time of year

You may see your Tyre Warning Light come on this time of year - what does this mean?

  • This time of year you may see your TPMS Warning Symbol come onto your dashboard.  Often it isn't a fault, so what should you do?

    When it comes to your vehicle tyres, cold matters!  Maybe you've been told to check your tyre pressure once the weather gets colder.  Perhaps you've been advised to check your tyre pressure on "cold" tyres.  But what does temperature really do to tyre pressure, and why does it make such a difference?

    The answer lies in simple physics:  warm air expands and cold compresses.  Therefore, when the air in your tyres in cold, it will read a lower PSI and when it's warmer, it will readh higher.

    After the summer we've had with fantastic temperatures you may find the Tyre Pressure sensor will appear on your dashboard as we move into the colder months.

    Check PSI when the weather gets cold

    Our advice would be to check your tyres.  When the external temperature outside drops, it will cause the cold PSI of your tyres to be even lower.  This mean your tyre pressure could very well be below the recommended level, often requiring the addition of air in order to maintain safe pressure levels.  The general rule of thumb when when comparing outside temperature to tyre pressure is that for every 10 degrees of temperature change, the tyre pressure will adjust by 1 PSI.  It's quite common for the TPMS alert to light up on your dashboard on the first cold morning of the winter seasons, before you've had time to adjust the pressure and add more air in.  Unless you have a legitmate problem with tyres, simply adding air and driving for a few minutes should cause the TPMS light to turn off.

    If you are still having issues and the light is still showing there maybe another issue.  If this is the case we suggest calling your nearest Picador dealership.


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3 years ago