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Dacia voted fourth best car brand in 2016

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Dacia voted fourth best car brand in 2016
  • It's great news for Picador Group as Dacia has been voted fourth Top car brand by Auto Express Driver Power 2016. One place better than last year the Dacia customer knows what they like.

    • Dacia voted fourth out of 32 brands in Auto Express Driver Power 2016 Awards
    • Improves on fifth place in last year’s leading ownership survey
    • Dacia in the top five manufacturers for the third consecutive year
    • Dacia Logan MCV voted Best Family Car by Driver Power judges

    Dacia has been voted the fourth best brand in the Auto Express Driver Power 2016 Awards, improving on its impressive fifth place finish in last year’s survey and eclipsing many luxury and premium brands.

    The ‘shockingly affordable’ brand recorded a score of 90.43 per cent overall after the feedback of satisfied owners saw Dacia triumph against many of the other 31 ranked brands.

    Since Dacia’s debut in the leading ownership survey in 2014, the brand has featured in the top five best manufacturers. The fourth overall finish follows the manufacturer winning its first ever category in the annual Auto Express Driver Power Awards, with the capacious and versatile Logan MCV estate topping the overall category for Best Family Car in this year’s survey.

    Brian Walters, Director, Research and Insights at Driver Power said: "Dacia owners praised their vehicles for reliability, the single most important factor in vehicle satisfaction according to Driver Power respondents.”

    Walters continued: “Vehicle reliability is critical for any brand, but it is especially so for a relatively new brand establishing a foothold in the UK market, such as Dacia. Dacia’s performance in the 2016 Driver Power should be an invitation to new-vehicle buyers in the UK to add Dacia to their shopping list."

    Commenting on Dacia’s placing in the top five best manufacturers for the third consecutive year, Louise O’Sullivan, Head of Dacia, said: “Not only sustaining, but improving on our position shows that Dacia continues to go from strength to strength and is able to complement the unrivalled affordability of its vehicles with levels of quality and owner satisfaction that are amongst the very best that drivers can experience.”

    In the ten years since relaunching in Europe, Dacia has sold more than 3,500,000 vehicles in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. In the UK in 2015, Dacia sold 26,228 vehicles, an increase of 10 per cent compared to 2014. Over 74,000 Dacia models have been sold in the UK since its launch in January 2013.

    At Picador Dacia's Southampton showroom, you can see the Dacia range and understand why the Dacia customer has voted for the brand. Take a look at the Picador prices here.

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