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Parts and Accessories

A Vauxhall DAB conversion kit is now available for only £195, fully fitted (RRP)

Digital radio offers more content, better functionality, and it is easier to use. FM radio is ‘full' and has already reached the limits of its capabilities. If it were to be kept going on its current scale, the national FM infrastructure would need a significant investment to maintain it. At the same time, maintaining two transmission systems doesn't represent good value for BBC licence-fee payers. It's also an unreasonable cost burden on commercial radio.The Government-Industry Digital Radio Action Plan, published in July 2010, sets out a detailed timetable for the tasks of building momentum and preparing for the switchover.Before a date can be set, two criteria need to be met:

  • 50% of listening must be by means of a digital platform.
  • Digital coverage for national services must be comparable to FM and local DAB must reach 90% of the population and all major roads.

Everyone who has a stake in UK radio (listeners, the BBC, commercial operators and the regulator) will have an input into when switchover takes place.

How will it effect me?

The plan is that national, regional and larger local radio services will switch to digital-only transmission. The space left on FM will then be made available to local and community stations. A digital radio with FM will be able to receive the digital-only services as well as the local and community services available on FM. Switchover to digital is about creating choice for listeners, not taking it away. There are gaps in digital radio coverage and, as part of the switchover process, the industry will need to meet new, higher standards of coverage, enhancing signal strength, as well as further expanding geographical coverage. This will lead to better reception in homes, in workplaces and in vehicles.

What are the benefits?

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With digital radio, you can get all the radio stations you love now, as well as choose from a wide range of music, speech and entertainment stations such as, Radio 4 Extra, Jazz FM, BBC 6 Music, Absolute 80s, Smooth Radio 70s, TalkSPORT and Fun Kids.
Easy to use
With digital radio, there is no need for a dial to change the frequency. You can find your favourite stations at the touch of a button. You can see station information, track and artist listings on the info screen on digital radios.
Digital radios offer digital-quality sound. You can also pause, record and rewind, so you can record your favourite shows and listen to them again.
When can I get it in my Vauxhall?
Digital radio is available in a number of new vehicles, as standard or as an optional extra. If your Vauxhall has already been built, or if it doesn't have the option for DAB, you can still get digital radio by adding a Vauxhall DAB conversion kit.The Vauxhall DAB kit provides you with outstanding audio quality and comes with full steering controls and access to a wide range of stations. It costs only £195, fully fitted (RRP), with a lifetime warranty on brand new Vauxhalls and a three-year warranty on Network Q and used vehicles.Be prepared for the switchover. Ask your Vauxhall Retailer for more information about digital radio today.

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